Molding Area

The molding productions of all our products are being made within the body of Kapimsan with support of cad-cam.


The processes such as forming, bending and drilling the sheet track control arms take place in low and high tonnage presses


With the help of cnc lathes, milling machines and severel special machines that are being included in Kapimsan are the machining processes of our products fulfilled.


The parts that underwent cataphoresis painting process are being assembled with the help of suitable devices and are turned into the final product.

Welding Area

Parts pressed in suitable measures are being combined in tig, spot welding robots with high- tech. Additionally in Link Bar spot welding machines are high-quality productions carried out.

Warehouse & Logistic

7.000 pieces of product are stacked according to product groups in our warehouse.

With the help of barcode system, we minimize our stock levels and costs.

Our goal is to provide fast and timely shipments to our customers.

R & D

With the awareness of producing safty parts for not leaving the reliability of the materials up to chance, the raw material and the production line is being kept under control by testing which is being provided by the laboratory with the state of the art equipments.

Advanced testing and measurements are applied in the laboratory in order to keep steps under control such as the acquisition of raw material, every phase of production and the adequacy control, life testing, material suitability of the final product.

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